Central Manchester has a new CrossFit affiliate. Nothing remarkable there right? What if we said that with the combined efforts of new owners Ben and Susie, and Moduflex Custom Rigs, CrossFit Ancoats opened their doors and were running their first CrossFit class just THREE DAYS after the lease was signed?

Often the most difficult part of opening a CrossFit BOX is finding suitable premises. Where there is a strong likelihood that the lease application will be successful, but red tape is holding up progress, there is no reason to delay work on the design and layout of your new BOX, meaning you are poised to act quickly before the ink is dry on the lease.

Ben Upfold and his partner Susie are seasoned professionals with years of experience in the fitness industry. They put the wheels in motion to open their own CrossFit BOX last year when they both completed their L1. With 16 years of combined experience in transforming lives through fitness, the couple had been running fitness boot camps outdoors for three years and shared a passion for CrossFit and vision to open their own BOX. They wanted to create a BOX that was FRESH and OPEN, bringing the outdoors IN, which they achieved when they found their new home, an old photography studio with bright white walls and high ceilings.

At this point, Ben approached us with firm design ideas for the 2500 sq ft space. The design team worked with Ben on the RIG design, providing drawings and renders to aid visualisation. Once approved, Ben composed a list of equipment including; RIG accessories, Olympic bars and bumper plates, collars, plyometric boxes, power sled, resistance bands, speed ropes and gymnastic rings.

CFA Boxes.jpg

Once the lease was certain to go through, the order was placed on 11th June, with the lease being signed on 19th June. CrossFit Ancoats opened their doors on Saturday 22nd June, and their first class was at 12pm that day! Starting with TWENTY members, they are destined for success.


Not all potential BOX owners are aware that red tape does not have to hold them up when it comes to kitting out their space. MCR can get started on the RIG design and kit list from the moment you find your new home. As we design and manufacture in house, changes can be made right up until the lease is certain, meaning once you get the go-ahead, we get to work.

For more information about CrossFit Ancoats, head over to their page and get in touch. If you are planning to open a CrossFit affiliate in the future, or if a refurbishment is on the cards for your existing BOX, MCR can help to make your vision a reality.