Exceptional Electronically Controlled System For Mobile Shelving

Moduflex has installed the first electronically controlled system on their own mobile shelving at their Bristol head office.

Electronic control systems for mobile shelving have long been in development in a bid to offer better aesthetics, enhanced safety features, more secure storage, and all at an affordable price.  Those that have been developed to date have often fallen short in one or another aspect, meaning that the industry uptake has been underwhelming, with dealers reluctant to champion any one system.

Moduflex has recently installed the LOGICPlus™ Control System by Space-Tek Europe on the existing mobile shelving in their Bristol head office in an effort to promote one of the most complete systems in the world to their customers, enabling them to compete against other shelving manufacturers.  This was made possible by the advanced design of LOGICPlus™ Upgrade Kit which allows the Control System to be retrofitted to existing systems.  The ‘Plug and Play’ capability dramatically reduces component installation time and can be organised to minimise disruption.

The LOGICPlus™ Control System has been on the market for more than 10 years, and more than 20,000 Control Systems have been installed across 19 countries worldwide.  It is easy to install, easy to use, and offers heightened user safety features.

Moduflex take comfort from the knowledge that although LOGICPlus™ Control Systems are already the most advanced in the world, Space-Tek’s engineers are constantly enhancing functionality for continual improvement that users of their system will benefit from.  

If you require further information about LOGICPlus™ or have any questions, please contact us.  A full list of standard features and available options are available here. For enquiries, please email on info@moduflex.co.uk, or call on 0117 9822882.