With established manufacturing capability in both steel and MFC products, and in house design capabilities that enable bespoke product development, Moduflex was well positioned and equipped to expand our portfolio to include the manufacture of CrossFit RIGS and associated equipment.

  "My wife and I started CrossFit in 2016, and when the BOX owner at our gym articulated his plans for a new RIG, we were more than happy to take on the challenge!", Richard Blunden, Managing Director. 

MODUFLEX CUSTOM RIGS was borne out of our passion for everything CrossFit, LIKE our FACEBOOK page, or FOLLOW us on INSTAGRAM for up to date information. 


Wall mounted single sided library shelving

Wall mounted single sided library shelving

CrossFit RIGS

Whether you are starting from scratch or updating your existing CrossFit RIG, there are many variables that you need to consider to ensure you get it right first time. 

You are in the fitness business, Moduflex specialises in designing and manufacturing QUALITY custom RIGS and  associated equipment to your exact specification. Read our BLOG POST; Getting The CrossFit RIG Right In Your Gym, for more information.


CrossFit Equipment

Whilst the CrossFit RIG could be viewed as the key component of the CrossFit BOX, other items such as Jump Boxes and Peg Boards are also common place. Moduflex provides a one stop solution for your CrossFit RIG and associated equipment. 

  Bespoke capability means that we can fulfil project objectives that sometimes require a unique and branded approach.

We also manufacture Jerk Blocks, utilised by regional CrossFit Athletes to enhance and maximise their lifting potential.

Jerk Blocks 4 (with Bumpers).jpg

CrossFit Kit Storage 

Our heritage lies in specialist storage solutions. Expanding our CrossFit offering to incorporate suitable storage solutions was not challenging. Whether you require storage for; Barbells, Bumper Plates, Kettle bells, Wall balls, or Customers Kit Bags, Moduflex can provide a cost-effective solution. 

Everything from Gun Racks to Lockers can be designed and manufactured in house. 


CrossFit BESPOKE Kit 


When Dave Castro released THIS VIDEO ahead of the CrossFit Regionals in 2018, athletes wondered how they might replicate the ramp to get some skill development in before the tournament. Within 24 hours, Moduflex sponsored REGIONAL athlete Aneta Tucker, had put on her crash helmet and was walking (on her hands) on her very own handstand ramp.

As a result of Aneta posting about the ramp on instagram, Moduflex and the handstand ramp were invited to the Regional Athlete Training Camp in Stockport where individual and team athletes got to work! Kelly Friel had just qualified for the CrossFit Games and took away the training camp ramp for her preparation.

The image on the right shows the infamous handstand ramp, now available to order.

Handstandramp Website.jpeg