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Mobile Shelving //

Mobile shelving is an appropriate solution for most spaces, from a small office or shop, to extensive warehouses.


Our internal design team can work with mobile shelving projects of any scale.  

Bespoke mobile shelving systems can be designed in keeping with established surroundings, the needs of the client, and to hold whatever stock is required.

    Mobile shelving units, or sections of mobile shelving systems can be lockable, facilitating secure storage
    Mobile shelving is suitable for storing sensitive data
    Mobile shelving is ideal for artefacts and objects in museums, libraries and art galleries
    Perfect for high density storage in; hospitals, schools and financial institutions
    Mobile shelving is easily adapted to house growing collections, or unusually sized artefacts


Traditional Shelving

Traditional static shelving providing 120 linear metres of storage.

Half The Space

Reduce you shelf space, freeing up room for more productive uses of space such as additional desking.  Providing 120 linear metres of storage.

Double The Capacity

Double your storage capacity within the same footprint as traditional shelving systems, with mobile shelving.  Provide up to 240 linear metres of storage in the same footprint as traditional shelving – a 100% increase.


Panels can be used to enhance the aesthetics of traditional mobile shelving units.

A range of decorative end panels is available for fitting to the exposed faces of the system.  These are available in an extensive range of finishes including; powder coated steel, MFC, laminate, and perforated steel.  

See our Projects page for details on how High Density Mobile Shelving has been used in; offices, hospitals, and warehouses.