Dhl south west regional operating centre//

A new state of the art operating centre that required a bespoke approach to design incorporating strong branding and user centric solutions. 



This 24 hour operating centre was created to streamline logistics in the South West for DHL, and houses; a transport office, a briefing room, a warehouse and driver canteen, and a locker room on the ground floor. Management offices, administrative departments and a boardroom occupy the first floor. 

The client was clear about how each area needed to function, and was also keen to create an inspiring working environment for their staff. 

driver briefing

In order to streamline the driver briefing process the project required a bespoke approach to how the area was designed. The volume of vehicle movements and therefore personal driver briefings meant that access to; keys, paperwork, and devices needed to be efficiently managed. Sufficient charging points were essential, as was the facility to house 100+ devices at any given time. Bespoke cabinets incorporating pigeon holes with integrated charging points above storage cupboards were fitted in MFC. 

The booth panels were fitted with fabric wrapped acoustic panels, and robust briefing chairs were supplied to withstand 24 hour use.    

IMG_3725 2.JPG

bespoke lockers

A bank of 26 lockers was specified for warehouse personnel. With security as a prime concern, perspex doors were suggested. Leading the project from a design perspective meant that applying bespoke elements to standard products could dramatically enhance aesthetics.

Our design team worked with DHL on potential solutions, arriving at the idea of specifying a steel carcass with branded transparent polycarbonate doors. The results speak for themselves.