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Picture Racking //

Picture Racking is suitable for; Art Galleries, Museums, Libraries, Schools, Art Studios, Private Art Collections, and Public Records Offices.


Picture Racking is a specialist storage solution, used to store growing collections of artefacts, photographs and art work safely and securely whilst maximising available storage space.


Large collections can be easily stored and viewed without touching, reducing handling and preventing damage.  A modular system, Picture Racking can be added to, allowing for future expansion. 

Our team of expert designers will consider the nature of the collection, available space, and space required both now and in the future, before designing a system to your exact requirements. 

There are three types of modular Picture Racking and the choice of system depends heavily on the location and construction of the storage space available.  

See Picture Racking case studies for an art gallery, and museum.

Talk to our expert staff for guidance on which system will best suit your needs. See our Photo Gallery page for more images of Picture Racking.