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First Class Filing //

Housing Association improves filing efficiency and storage space utilisation with mobile shelving system and specialist filing services.


This housing association needed more filing space for Housing Files stored in tambour units with a capacity of 87 linear metres. The existing files within the system varied in colour and titles were handwritten. This presented problems with retrieval times due to misfiling.

The Challenge

  • To maximise filing capacity within the filing room 
  • To implement a system that eradicated errors and prevented misfiling
  • To provide a solution that incorporated effective filing space for housing plans and drawings
  • To facilitate the implementation of the new filing system

Our Solution

As a filing specialist, Moduflex worked closely with the client to provide a seamless service that would not only meet their storage requirements but also their need for filing efficiency. Mobile shelving was designed and installed that offered the client an additional 39.6 linear metres of filing capacity, the equivalent of 7 tambour units.

3,500 end tab folders with spring clip fasteners were supplied and an expert indexing team pre-labelled the clients new files with colour coded labels, improving file retrieval time by around 40%.

A1 hanging binders to house plans improved filing capacity by over 50%.

The final stage in the process involved decanting and storing files whilst the new system was installed. Once complete a team of filing operatives removed the contents of 3,500 files, refilled them into new pre-labelled files and re-stocked the new files into the new system in the order specified by the client.

Efficient filing can be achieved with appropriate accessories, using colour coding.

Efficient filing can be achieved with appropriate accessories, using colour coding.