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Medical Records Dept. NHS //

Filing storage space maximised to avoid the cost of a new storage system.

Capacity before  2471 Linear Metres.

Capacity before 2471 Linear Metres.


This hospital was running out of filing space for its medical records. The client required a solution that increased filing capacity considerably without the need for a totally new system and associated costs.

The Challenge

Filing capacity was to be increased without any disruption to the records or the infrastructure of the building. The client needed to almost double their existing static 353 bays.


Fifteen bays of temporary shelving were installed in a nearby location and files were moved from these units so that the static system in which they were stored could be dismantled. This created the space needed to commence installation of the new mobile racking system.
On completion of each section, filing was moved from the old sections into the new mobiles through each phase of the installation.
The clients existing shelving was mobilised and 227 bays added to improve capacity, accessibility and aesthetics.

Capacity after  4060 Linear Metres.

Capacity after 4060 Linear Metres.