Bespoke Office Furniture Incorporating Storage Lockers

Many articles have highlighted the importance of intelligent office design and how poorly designed or uninspiring workspaces can affect stress levels, reduce productivity, impact on overall performance, and impede efforts to attract the best people.

Office Storage In Design

Office storage products have always been an essential component in office furniture design, typically on a strictly functional level and hidden out of sight. Recent changes in market forces have meant that office storage is increasingly being integrated into the heart of office design. This in turn has led to a dramatic transformation in the market for lockers, epitomising how a well-designed functional product can seriously impact on the overall aesthetics of the modern office.

As key players in the office furniture market respond by launching NEW locker ranges in a variety of sizes and colours, it is perhaps more appropriate to consider the elevated importance of lockers from a bespoke design perspective.

DHL chose a steel carcass with branded transparent polycarbonate doors with dramatic results.

DHL chose a steel carcass with branded transparent polycarbonate doors with dramatic results.

Choosing Office Furniture 

See our recent blog post detailing factors to consider when choosing office furniture. 

When it comes to integrating storage lockers into an office fit-out project, functional considerations include; height, capacity, security, mobility, personalisation and power source. Additionally, lockers can be used to; enhance branding, inject colour, create zones and enhance workplace aesthetics.

Market Trends 

As the trend for lockers to be customised is explored even further by end users, it is important to seek cost effective ways to add value for clients by presenting them with inspiring and unique design ideas that meet their storage needs without breaking the bank. Combining different materials and finishes, and injecting vibrant colours and graphics are good ways to exploit design principles to get the desired results. 

LOCKERS Stockport Homes.jpg

Making Decisions About Materials

Once you have ascertained the requirements for the project, choosing materials will largely be based on their functionality, choice of colours, and cost.

Our handy infographic aims to help you make informed decisions by outlining the key materials used in manufacturing bespoke office furniture, indicating where each sits on the key selection criteria.