When Moduflex Custom Rigs were approached by The Fitness Racing Federation (United Kingdom) for ideas about bespoke equipment that would help them to test specific gymnastic skills in the iF3 World Championship tournament, we welcomed the challenge and our in-house design team got to work on creating a solution that could be designed and manufactured in a matter of weeks.  

When Deficit Hand Stand Push Up (DHSPU)'s appear on the sport programme, a shiver of dread goes down the spine of event organisers and athletes alike.  With no suitable equipment on the market (the sport programme required flat hands, ruling out parallets), a manufacturer with design capability, bespoke manufacturing, and an innovative approach was needed. 

Moduflex Designs A Bespoke Solution To Test Athletes

Here is athlete @laurafaulkner22 demonstrating the equipment that was ultimately designed and manufactured by Moduflex to test DHSPU's for this event. 

CrossFit HSPU.jpg

OSB board was topped with rubber matting and used to create platforms at each side for hand placement. Smaller blocks topped with matting were created to fit between, making the deficit section adjustable for head placement where necessary. These components were designed to be mounted onto a 3m high panel.

A Backdrop With Impact

Moduflex suggested that with graphics applied, the panels could collectively function as a backdrop for the podium and flag parade at the conclusion of the event. The panels were adorned with sponsor logos to create a backdrop that can be used again. 

Reverse of HSPU with branding.jpg

Let's Not Forget The Humble Handstand Walking Ramp

Moduflex also supplied hand stand ramps to be used in the competition following their development earlier this year.

Handstand ramp.jpeg

These ramps can now be found in CrossFit BOXes throughout the UK, with athletes such as; Sam BriggsKelly FrielAneta TuckerMike Catris, and Emelye Dwyer, all using them in their training. 

You can find further details about this years event by visiting the FRFUK website. The iF3 World Championships 2019 will be held in Malmo, Sweden. 

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