Moduflex Sponsors CrossFit Avon Athletes

Moduflex Custom Rigs are delighted to announce that we will once again be sponsoring the CrossFit Avon team following their qualification to compete in the FINAL of Strength in Depth (SiD). The competition, now in its fifth year, is Europe’s preeminent, full-team fitness competition.

This 12 person team event is a gruelling test of fitness and aims to crown the “fittest team in Europe”. Teams consist of 7 males, 5 females with one male and one female of Masters age. Just to get to the finals teams have to complete three qualifying workouts across three months consisting of an individual, a pairs and a four-person team workout. This year CrossFit Avon came 40th, 39th and 28th in the three qualifiers respectively giving them 32nd place overall.

Some of the CrossFit Avon SiD Team

Some of the CrossFit Avon SiD Team

A Talented TEAM

CrossFit Avon are blessed with a large squad of athletes which is great for the qualifying workouts but makes the final team selection incredibly difficult. With so many athletes vying for spaces the standard of the team is higher than ever. Five of last years athletes return for another year and they are joined by some very talented athletes including James St Leger who competed at the CrossFit European Regional competition this year.

Competing Close To Home

The event will be held at Bath University on 3rd and 4th November, and will see the CrossFit Avon team compete alongside some phenomenal athletes. This includes an invitational team made up of some of the worlds best athletes. Those who follow CrossFit will recognise names such as Patrick VellnerLaura Horvath, Jamie Greene and Alec Smith.  Thanks to the location of the event, the CrossFit Avon team can expect a high number of spectators from their BOX to be cheering them on throughout the weekend. BUY TICKETS HERE! 

Hard Work Pays Off

According to Head Coach, Jon Squire, "The squad have continued to work on their fitness to peak at the event but have also been meeting regularly for Team Training sessions and swim sessions to prepare for the finals. Training has included a lot of gymnastics and other events designed to mimic the type of events the team will face at the finals." 

At the finals the team will be taking on a 5km Run, a swimming workout, and other events designed to test every aspect of the teams fitness. We understand that the team are feeling more prepared than ever and hopes are high for a very successful competition!

"We have a close affiliation with CrossFit Avon and know many of the participating athletes personally which makes this event all the more exciting. We wish the team the VERY BEST OF LUCK and look forward to spectating at the event which promises to be a spectacular tournament for everyone involved."

Richard Blunden, Managing Director. 


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