Moduflex Sponsors CrossFit Athletes

Moduflex were delighted to be approached by CrossFit Avon after a squad of their athletes qualified for the 2017 Strength in Depth (SiD) FINAL, held in Bath on 4th and 5th November. 

CrossFit Avon SiD Team.jpeg

Up to 50 supporters showed to support these MAGNIFICENT CrossFit Athletes.

Having worked with CrossFit Avon on designing and manufacturing their NEW custom RIG and associated equipment, details of which can be found below, Moduflex were happy to support the Avon TRIBE by supplying shirts for competing athletes. 

Moduflex also welcomed the opportunity to support Project Get A Grip, a movement founded by one of the CrossFit Avon team, Tom Watson. Through Tom, Get A Grip promotes the benefits of fitness and wellbeing for people suffering from anxiety and depression while helping end the stigma surrounding mental health issues.  For every supporter shirt sold, Moduflex donated £5 to Get A Grip.

According to Head Coach, Jon Squire, “Strength in Depth is probably the biggest team fitness competition in the UK CrossFit calendar and the pinnacle of everyone's year(s) of training. The competition was extremely testing, even for the best of our community.”