how to design a school library

Once Upon A Time....

The purpose of a school library is to help every member of the school community including; students, staff, and families to gain new knowledge, skills and dispositions for learning and personal development that they will use throughout their lives.

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Planning the creation of a new or refurbished school library space specifically for children is not just a case of deciding which library shelving you need and selecting from a range of prescribed school library furniture items that many others have selected before you.  Your school library can be as unique as the pupils that use it, with informed decision making, and a tailored approach to its design.

Here is an example of a THEMED SCHOOL LIBRARY designed by Moduflex. 

Our handy library design guide and workbook has been created to make the process of designing a library run smoothly. 'Once Upon A Time' is an e-book designed to walk you through the process ensuring that you are asking the right questions. 

The book is broken down into FIVE distinct chapters, each of which covers a different aspect of library design. Each section gives guidance and a handy space to write your ideas and comments. Your notes will help you to order your thoughts, and ultimately help you to create a unique design brief, an ideal starting point for getting your project moving.

Here are just some of the questions that you will explore whilst working through this E-BOOK.

  • Why is a new library needed?
  • What constraints are you facing?
  • How do you need the space to function?
  • Do you have a theme or branding that needs to be incorporated?
  • Have you thought about storage and signage?
  • Who are the internal and external stakeholders?
  • How will you know if you have met the brief?
  • What will success look like?
  • How will you choose; Library shelving, furniture, seating and desking?

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